XML Basics

XML Basics – An Introduction to XML

After you have studied this chapter you will know what XML is. You will know the difference between XML and HTML.
You will also know how to start using XML in your browser and in your applications.

Table of contents

Introduction to XML by Jan Egil Refsnes
What is XML, and how does it differ from HTML.

How XML can be used by Jan Egil Refsnes
Some of the different ways XML can be used.

XML Syntax by Jan Egil Refsnes
The syntax rules of XML. How to write well formed XML documents.

XML Attributes by Jan Egil Refsnes
How to use attributes to provide additional information about elements.

XML Validation – Document Type Definition by Jan Egil Refsnes
Using a DTD is the formal way to describe a valid XML document.

XML support in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator by Jan Egil Refsnes
About the support for XML in the two most famous browsers.

Viewing XML by Jan Egil Refsnes
How to view XML files in your browser.

Displaying XML by Jan Egil Refsnes
How to display XML content using JavaScript, CSS or XSL

XML Examples by Jan Egil Refsnes
A collection of examples from all the chapters of this Web.